Sunday, 8 June 2008

Veg Oil Power

I just had my Toyota Yaris converted to run on vegetable oil by
I made a short film about it, click below.

It used a two tank system, starts on diesel then when its warm switches to vegoil. Theres a control panel by the steering wheel with an indicator for when its hot enough to switch over. When you stop, remember to switch back to diesel, or when the car is cold it will struggle to start. Theres an alarm to remind you, should you forget. Restaurants will be happy to give away their used oil, as they need to pay to have it removed. You need a certificate from the environment agency to prove you are disposing of the fuel properly, as in many cases its thrown down the drain. The product needs to be filtered before it can be used. Its smelly stuff, and can be nasty to handle. But given the rising cost of diesel its worth it. You can buy a kit to filter it at

When I started using waste oil you needed to register its use, now unless you use a lot of fuel you don't. See the chart below, look up your average mpg to see how many miles you can travel on veg oil without having to worry about fuel duty, that's right TAX FREE and Perfectly legal.

Maximum allowable veg oil usage in Litres before having to register or pay fuel duty to UK Revenue & Customs is set at 2500 Litres Per Year, below you can see how many miles this equates to when compared to your vehicles mpg
Average Miles Per Gallon, Miles you can run on veg oil before you have to register or pay duty:
30 16,498
35 19,247
40 21,997
45 24,747
50 27,496
55 30,246
60 32,995

I wrote about other options here;

Without converting your car you can get biofuel, but unless your certain its sourced from waste oil I would be careful. Much biofuel comes from dodgy sources abroad and is in part responsible for cutting down rain forest and endangering endangered animals and biodiversity.

Also discussed at

This is the first Yaris they have converted, its first couple of hundred miles have been fine, lets see how it goes in the long term.

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