Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Home Office Remains ‘Not Fit for Purpose’

A nineteen year old gay Syrian Jojo Jako Yakobv has had his immigration appeals tribunal and has been released from a young offenders centre on orders from the tribunal. But what was Jojo doing in a young offenders centre in the first place? What “offence” has he committed? While it is still not certain that he will be granted refuge in the UK, things are looking far more hopeful that they were a month ago.

But for Ugandan lesbian Prossy Kakooza, things are not so good. She arrived in the UK in July last year, having fled her country after being severely beaten and burned by police purely on the grounds of her sexuality. In addition she was repeatedly raped while in custody. Such were her injuries that when she sought medical help on arrival in UK doctors were so shocked at the extent of her injuries that the police were called. Prossy left behind a girlfriend who is still believed to be in detention in Uganda. The Home Office accepts that Prossy was brutally raped and burned. Yet they want to deport her back to Uganda, saying that she can settle in another town. Meanwhile, Prossy, a 26 year old university educated Ugandan lesbian, lives in fear of deportation, via Yarl’s Wood, to Kampala.

An immigration appeal tribunal in Birmingham told a gay Iranian, who fled his country when the ‘religious police’ knocked on the door of his home to arrest him, that he should be returned to Iran where he could make an “application to the British Embassy in the usual way”.

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