Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Anothe AWE planning application

There seem to be continually be applying for more. Here is my objection to the latest.
More info can be found at

I object to the proposal for the following reasons.

1. Nuclear weapons are immoral or illegal.
2. In view of the appalling *health and safety* record at Burghfield, there should be no further new build until all health and safety problems have been resolved
3. Danger from flooding; after the floods in July 2007, and the failure by September 2007 to remedy some 400 of 1,000 health and safety defects identified in 2006; including serious faults with the structure of Burghfield's old buildings
4. In April 2008, the NII issued another warning Improvement Notice on Operating Rules at both AWE sites at Burghfield and Aldermaston.
5. Because the plans have a “Defence Exempt Direction”, it is impossible for the planning committee to assess the true nature and risks associated with this proposed facility. Exempt information includes“the precise details of design materials, quantities and environmental conditions for precision manufacture of simulants, exact replicas of weapon components to be used for research development and trials.”
6. This proposal should not be considered in isolation from all the other plans submitted by the MoD for AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield; that the application should be withdrawn and the whole package submitted to a public inquiry.

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Derek Wall said...

Hi Adrian,

I have posted an appeal for Green Party members to support the Kingsnorth Climate camp, you can read it here

cheers and keep up the good work