Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Taking Liberties

Taking Liberties was shown last night on more four. What a powerful movie, showing how our liberties have deteriorated under New Labour. Under the promise of defending our lifestyle from terrorists, they eroded the protections of the citizen against the state.

The film starts with some coaches of protesters going to Fairford airbase, the police stopped and searched them, then sent them back to London, preventing them from protesting or even stopping on their way back to use a toilet. The case has been in the law courts for three years, and finally the result is a victory for the right to protest. They show many protests over a few years, and how the police use anti terrorist laws to prevent peaceful protest.

Under Labour the Police seem to have lost the ability to discriminate between dangerous people and peaceful ones. Intimidation and bureaucracy has increased, Liberties are being lost.


Anonymous said...

All the protestors should be lined up and shot! Bunch of losers!

Adrian Windisch said...

There speaks the voice of authoritarianism, against free speech and for repression of indivuals. Are you actally a member of the Labour Party anonymous?