Sunday, 11 May 2008

Shell Pulls out of London Array wind farm project

$hell – which touts itself as a progressive green company - is pulling out of the London Array project, and leaving a key clean energy project high and dry.

$hell announced a 12 per cent profit rise to £3.92bn. It should be investing those profits in renewable energy projects not focusing its efforts on making money from sucking fossil fuels out of the ground and contributing to climate change.

If the Government is serious about meeting renewables targets, it is going to have to back up its aspiration of 33GW announced before Christmas, with more real support. One measure might be to address the problem of turbine shortages by encouraging manufacturing capacity in the UK.
From 2005, 'CORE Limited, E.ON UK Renewables and Shell WindEnergy Limited have today announced that their consortium, London Array Limited has submitted consents and planning applications for the London Array offshore wind farm project.'

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