Wednesday, 14 May 2008

McCains Position On Climate Change

Whats the difference between John McCains position on climate change and the Greens? He says he wants a third way, which sounds a little familiar. McCain promises third way between those who deny climate change and those who want a heavy-handed response to it. See his video at
McCain Climate Change 3rd Way

"One extreme thinks high taxes and crippling regulation is the solution. Another denies the problem even exists. There's a better way.”

“I will not shirk the mantle of leadership that the United States bears. I will not permit eight long years to pass without serious action on serious challenges. I will not accept the same dead-end of failed diplomacy that claimed Kyoto. The United States will lead and will lead with a different approach — an approach that speaks to the interests and obligations of every nation.”

“When we debate energy bills in Washington, it should be more than a competition, more than a competition among industries for special favors, subsidies, and tax breaks. In the Congress, we need to send the special interests on their way - without their favors and subsidies.”

Just when you may have been warming to him, he embraced an energy source known to be dirty, dangerous and expensive, Nuclear power. What happened to renewables John?

“It seems that John McCain hopes to use global warming and the environment to distance himself from the Bush administration,” said League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski in a statement issued by the group. “But until he explains why he’s only voted for the environment one out of four times, and until he promises to sign effective global warming legislation, that distance can be measured in inches.”

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