Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Join the Peace Chain around Faslane 14 June

In the current political climate there is a real opportunity to raise the issue of nuclear weapons in Scotland and to challenge Gordon Brown's plan to spend £75 billion on replacing Trident.

Join the Peace Chain at Faslane on 14 June and encourage others to take part. We need as many people as possible to form a chain of people and banners 2,000 metres long.

The Peace Chain will take place exactly 12 months after the landmark vote in the Scottish Parliament, calling on the UK Government not to replace Trident, and 40 years since the first submarine sailed on a nuclear-armed patrol from Faslane.

Find out more at: www.banthebomb.org/newbombs/peacechain.htm

Please help to publicise this event. Leaflets and posters are available on the website and can be ordered from the Scottish CND office, 0141 423 1222, scnd@banthebomb.org

John Ainslie
Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

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