Saturday, 5 April 2008

Nazi Influences

Members of the Hitler Youth clothed by Boss wear.

The recent protest on the Olympic Torch has brought to light its dark origins. The flame was reintroduced to the Olympics at the 1928 Amsterdam Games. A cauldron was lit, but there was no torch relay. That happened as has been said in the 1936 Games in Berlin. see

It wasn't covered up, this from 2002,

But I don't think it wasn't widely known till now.

Ive been looking at companies connected with the Nazis.
Ford, see,
Siemens, Hugo Boss, IBM, Bayer,
Krupp and Opel (involved in gas chambers

Henry Ford was given a medal by Hitler for his anti semitic book, 'The International Jew'

The USA and Russians grabbed Nazi scientists from Peenemunde to make rockets, most famoulsy Werner von Braun at NASA.

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