Saturday, 8 March 2008

Tesco Loose Executies and Stores

Frankly they don't seen to give a 'Tesco' as yet another executive quits. Tesco is to lose its second senior female executive in a fortnight with the departure of Julia Reynolds, one of the key executives behind the success of the grocer's move into fashion. The latest high-level departure is one of series from the supermarket chain which analysts say reflects the lack of opportunity for promotion to board level jobs and has been dubbed a "brain-drain".

She had become sick and tired of the macho aggression that appeared to be the price she had to pay for being a successful woman in a male-dominated corporate world. "I'd just had my fill of chest-beating alpha males," says Julia. "I had some of the most horrendous things said to me and it is only now that I can laugh about them." Despite her seniority at Tesco, and the fact that she was said to be earmarked for even bigger things at the company, she was subjected to unpleasant jibes that were not said in jest.

She remembers comments such as, "Who the f*** are you to be driving a [nice] car like that?' and 'Who the f*** do you think you are to have a big job like that?" And the worst thing was that they came from within the company, from a senior Tesco executive, a man she remains too diplomatic – or cautious – to name. That sort of Neanderthal remark, she says ruefully, is par for the course. "Sexism, racism... it's a way of life, I suppose. It's a matter of survival. "

Tesco said it was unconcerned about Ms Reynolds' departure or that of any of the other senior executives who have quit.

The defectors

Feb 2005 Ken McMeikan, chief executive of Tesco Japan joins Sainsbury's

Jan 2006 Colin Smith quits as commercial director for Somerfield.

Feb 2006 Darren Blackhurst quits as commercial director of Tesco Thailand and goes to Asda

June 2007 John Browett, who set up, quits to become chief executive of Currys and DSG

Sept 2007 Steve Robinson, head of Tesco Direct resigns.

Oct 2007 Dido Harding quits as Tesco Development Director to join Sainsbury's

Oct 2007 Julia Reynolds, buying and merchandising director for Tesco clothing Europe, quits to head

Tesco loose their bid to move into Mill Road, Cambridge. Hooray.

Also Tesco Plan refused in Preston, Lancashire in January. This example is significant as it demonstrates that council officers are able to reject plans on the basis of “adverse impact on the vitality and viability of nearby local centres and retail provision.

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