Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Life Of Brian (Paddick)

Brian Paddick, doesn't seem to be a politician, despite standing for London Mayor for the Lib Dems. His claim to be Mayor seems to be that he was a policeman, and has the support of Elton John and George Michael. There are plenty of people who won't vote for any (ex) policeman, so I think he has a hard task before he even starts.

He says he is fitter than Boris and Ken, but this is no athletics event. May I remind him that Bush is a keen runner and a terrible leader. He says Boris is 'very clever', an unusual tactic, praising the opposition, perhaps this will work for him. I would suggest that Ken is more of a target, and is more wily and politically experienced than Brian or Boris, though he also has ethical problems.

Brian claims that after two terms any leader suffers from a psychiatric disorder, they are full of 'supreme self confidence'. Is he also an amateur doctor, perhaps his surgeries can heal the sick. Is self confidence a sickness anyway, perhaps he means over confidence, which is more of a weakness.

He says he is against I.D. cards and that detention without trial 'is ostracising Muslims'. Here at last I agree, though he hasn't put it very well. I think Labours plans on detention is unfair to everyone and will only encourage extremism.

He thinks delivery drivers should be exempt from the congestion charge, I wonder if this happens suddenly all drivers will claim to be delivery drivers. He criticises Sir Ian Blair as 'the Oxford graduate who finds it difficult to communicate with ordinary officers. He doesn't have the common touch." While he has written about his own time in the police when the others called him 'peter perfect'. Brian was educated at Queen's College Oxford; and Cambridge University, Pot Kettle syndrome perhaps?

For an alternative to the buisness as usual politicians why not look for a Green alternative, see

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