Friday, 15 February 2008

Why Nuclear is not the answer

The government has been promoting nuclear power, the nuclear industry has been selling itself as green. Unfortunately the resources needed for nuclear power are scarce and running out, very different from renewable power that will continue sustainably. Then their is the side-affects, the cancer clusters near places like power stations and mines. Then the problem of safely storing waste for tens of thousands of years hasn't been solved, we would be condemning thousands off future generations to guard our toxic waste products, some legacy for the future.

Then there is the link to weapons, without nuclear power they wouldn't be able to make any more of them.

From Uranium mining to atomic testing to waste dumping all this actions are conducted on Amerindian reservations; until 1975 all the uranium USA used was mined on aboriginal land and often the workers were aboriginal people like the Navajo.

British and USA atomic weapons were tested in Shoshone reservation land in the Nevada desert. Indeed last year the Pentagon was planning to detonate 700 tons of explosive in Shoshone land in a test which was code named "Divine Strike". Some aboriginal people wondered weather this was a nuclear test.

There are two links: one is with Iraq. Depleted Uranium is according to Iraqi doctor causing an epidemic of cancer and leukaemia and birth defects .Tons of Du is there in the soil as people are weakened by malnutrition and war they are exposed to a highly toxic and still radioactive material. We believe that the use of DU should be banned. Second link is AWE Aldermaston who need uranium to make bombs

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