Monday, 18 February 2008

Northern Wreck slow motion crash

Ive just read Guidos blog, I think he makes some good points.

I said months ago that Gordon Browns reputation for financial stability and cleverness was just spin, and I've been proved correct. He started as being a prudent chancellor but then wasted many millions on so many things its to much to mention here. A few examples; olympics, wembley stadium, dome, several database schemes (and id cards). He has wasted a decade and billions through his incompetence.

He championed public private partnerships, which was a ruse for borrowing money for building things that were not counted as borrowing, they insured massive corporate profit and the public will be saddled with the debt for many years. To top it all they use £110 billion of our money to prop up a failing bank, merely because it would mean some job losses in key Labour seats. Forget the decline of manufacturing in the UK, that wasn't worth saving judging from his inaction. He is also a major proponent of the growth agenda, but we dont have several planets worth of resources to feed this monster. During this he has ignored the advice of his own Stern review, and carbon emissions continue to rise.

The other characteristic of Brown to emerge since he took over is his dithering, he displayed this over the election that wasn't, and now as months have passed before they've Nationalised the Bank. He has had every advantage since he became PM, mainly having no rival to throw doubt from within his own camp. His opposition has also been variable. He has manages his slide from popularity on his own. Now Labour are stuck with him, they have no easy way to remove this vote looser. He is not fit for purpose, blaming Darling is to blame the organ grinder.

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