Wednesday, 6 February 2008

biodiesel, nice or nasty fuel

Their is increasing skepticism about biodiesel. Of course much of it is justified:
most of the biodiesel sold in the UK is now made from fresh soya oil from the US! Biodiesel made from locally sourced waste oil is still the greenest motoring available though...and it's more cost-effective than ever before. So if you are still interested in using biodiesel, making it for yourself, or making it on a larger scale I hope this helps!

New rules:

-new rules for duty: as of last year home biodiesel makers basically pay no tax!
-new rules for regulation: environment agency have also made it clear they are not interested in hassling very small biodiesel makers
-glycerol disposal routes: some people are now offering to collect your old glycerol, and some will sell you back cheap recovered methanol
-LILI forum: a new place to discuss biodiesel or any other of the green themes covered by LILI
-new developments in small scale biodiesel methods: waterless washing techniques are being developed

LILI is going from strength to strength. This year they are doing courses in loads of new things, in some new venues including Sheffield and Hackney. They will be running a new 'build a biodiesel reactor' course for those who never quite got round to it and need inspiration, practical help and a tried and tested design. thats on Oct 24-26 in Sheffield.
In case you'd like to buy biodiesel in bulk, goldenfuels are working with LILI
to provide 1000 l anywhere in the country for £1000 including delivery
and IBC deposit:

Goldenfuels are in Oxford making fuel; their customers have now travelled over a million km on the stuff! They can offer:
-Biodiesel. As well as IBCs we can offer smaller amounts, especially if you are more local to Oxford.
-Reactors. Will quote you for anything from a home system to a large community-scale plant. Don't buy horrid plastic nonsense from eBay please! we can build you something much sturdier and more fit for the real world of used oil. Something metal!
-Titration Kits: all the lab equipment you need to make accurate titrations: the gear they use every day themselves.
-Help. If you have biodiesel questions try emailing
-Training . Still doing courses and talks all over, and can offer onsite or bespoke training and consultancy if you need it.

Good Fuel Co-operative
This is a new venture where several UK based ethical fuel suppliers have got together to support each other and new ventures with advice, services and investment. If you are planning a biodiesel co-op, not-for-profit or other social business please get in touch.

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