Sunday, 27 January 2008

Submission to the development of the former Battle Hospital site with new flats and houses to post at by Barratt Homes

Submission to the development of the former Battle Hospital site with new flats and houses to by Barratt Homes.

Any new buildings in Britain needs to be of the highest eco standards to reduce our carbon dependence and use of energy. The Merton rule in 2003 introduced a 10% renewable energy obligation to non-residential and later to residential developments. I call for 30% from renewable sources, I want to see rooftops covered with solar panels. All rainwater on rooftops should be collected and used for non drinking purposes to reduce flooding, reduce the cost to the environment of providing ever more potable water and to save energy. All showers, toilets and taps to be low water use; all light bulbs to be low energy. Insulation to exceed the minimum in the building regulations, lets set higher standards. If these things become standard in new developments they will be much easier to get hold of for existing buildings.

The planned population density is very high, maximising profits for developers but straining the resources of the area without increasing provision for schools, doctors, playgrounds, green open areas and other important public amenities. The whole area does not have adequate infrastructure to cope with the increase in demand. The Oxford Road and Portman Road is gridlocked during peak times even before the new Tesco has opened, it can only get worse.

The high-rise building should not get permission, it doesn’t fit with the largely Victorian 2 storey buildings in the area and would dominate the skyline. Lets have something appropriate and in keeping with the surroundings.

Adrian Windisch,
18 Kent Road, Reading RG30 2EJ
0118 9567190

My submission is a response to the letter below.

Invitation to an exhibition - New plans for development at the former Battle Hospital site

Venue: Battle Library, 420 Oxford Road, Reading, RG30 1EE Friday 18 January, 3pm - 7.30pm

On behalf of Barratt Homes, I am writing to invite you to a public exhibition of updated proposals for the development on the old Battle Hospital site.

Barratt Homes currently has planning permission for a mainly residential development but wishes to make better use of the site and improve the design and facilities provided. It has therefore produced a new plan for the later phases of the proposals.

Barratt Homes is committed to public consultation and engagement throughout the development of the site and as a local resident, your views on its latest ideas are particularly relevant.

Barratt Homes has asked Green Issues Communications to undertake local community consultation on its proposals. The public exhibition is designed both to answer questions that you may have and allow you to give your views to the project team. The information that we receive from this consultation will be fed back to the project team and where possible, will be used to inform the development's final design.

I very much look forward to meeting you at the exhibition. If you are unable to attend or have any questions please do call me on [deleted], or e-mail me on [deleted].

Yours sincerely
Chris Brown
Senior Account Manager

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