Thursday, 24 January 2008

Reading Transport Survey

The Reading evening post are running a vote for the best thing to cure transport problems in Reading:-

Scroll down to ‘Traffic’ and wait for the bar chart to come up annotated. Then click on the item of your choice (hopefully ‘More cyclepaths’!) and click on the Vote Now button.

At the moment most votes are going for a third Thames Bridge, which just goes to show how people can be fooled. Most political parties in Reading are pushing this option, but it doesn't make any sense. Building more roads only creates more traffic, and pushes congestion into other areas like in this case Oxfordshire. The A34 Newbury Bypass was built at great environmental cost and instead of reducing traffic in Newbury in the long term its just created its own traffic. Lets invest in sustainable transport, cheaper buses and trains, and lots more cycle paths and better cycle parking facilities.

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Ailbhe said...

Traffic is a gas...