Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bad politics over lack of a refendum

Following Labours decision to go ahead with the 'treaty' and break their promised referendum, the Lib Dems are following their iniquitous lead. They have followed the Brown line that its not a constitution but a 'treaty'. So when European leaders announce that its over 90% similar to the constitution abandoned in 2005, the facts are conveniently ignored.

Unlike Labour, many Lib Dem members are unhappy with this and are saying so very loudly, perhaps this will lead to a split. We could return to a separate SDP/Liberal Party once more, but neither would be particularly effective. The Lib Dems once showed some promise as an alternative to the two big parties, now they seem much the same as them. And now they are breaking their promises.

What can Labour and the Lib Dems be so scared of, if the people are against the Lisbon Treaty, then lets not have it. The EU didn't break apart when the constitution was rejected by France and Holland. Voters will see just another reason not to trust politicians, after all the sleaze an scandals of recent days.

Democracy means trusting the voters, tyranny means thinking you know better than to trust them with important decisions,

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