Sunday, 25 November 2007

Ways to reduce your emissions

1. Cut waste, start by insulating your house, dont heat up the air outside.

2. Don't fly: holiday in the UK; camping, walking, cycling, surfing

3. Drive as little as necessary: cycle where possible or walk

4. Refuse excessive packaging: or return it to the shops

5. Reduce, Reuse then Recycle what you can: plastics, metal, glass, paper

6. Compost organic waste: build a compost heap or get a bin

7. Reduce consumption: do you really need that much STUFF?

8. Install energy efficient lightbulbs

9. Plant trees: in your garden or anywhere else you can find

10. Join an environmental, wildlife or conservation group and get active

11. Use less water: bath with a friend; don't flush after a piss; don't clean teeth with tap running

12. Install solar panels or a wind generator

13. Complain when you see wasteful behaviour: whether corporate or private

14. Write to your MP about bad government policies: like airport expansion and road building

15 Reduce meat consumption: the most wasteful and polluting way of producing food, and cruel to animals too

See for an alternative list.

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