Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Spud Goes Green

I was in the science museum last week and saw a book written by an old friend from Sunseed Desert Technology, Giles Thaxton. Its has a lot of sucess, it won a blue peter award

Its published by Egmont

Amazon have copies,
and a review
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5.0 out of 5 stars a funny and inspiring read, 3 Dec 2005
By A Customer
my 9 year old son read this book and said "it was a great read, and it shows you how to do loads of cool stuff like making a bird hotel and paper-making". It's a fantastic and fun read, with a serious environmental message. I think it would appeal mainly to primary school age children, but its humour and charm would win over most readers. Thoroughly recommended.

Publisher's description
Spud is an easygoing chap who's taken on a tricky New Year resolution. It's 1st January and he's decided to go green - and this is his diary to prove it! The year starts well: he learns to grow food, recycle rubbish, and look after wildlife. It all seems to be going according to plan...
Spud Goes Green, by Giles Thaxton (Egmont, £4.99). Age: 9+
Spud's diary recording his year-long journey to becoming a greenie manages to be more jokey than preachy, which makes it easy to take in without feeling got at. Packed full of daily facts, such as what makes the difference between being green and going organic, with advice on which seeds to plant when and useful energy-saving tips that can be adapted to any home, it's a good guide which most will want just to dip into, but which taken in one gulp is definitely capable of converting some to the cause.

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