Monday, 26 November 2007

Lord David Steel looses it on Question Time

It was apparent on last weeks Question Time that Lord David Steel has lost the plot. He said he used to be for id cards, but was convinced by the loss of 2 discs by HMCR and is now against them. Does he have so little imagination, and has he not noticed all the other losses of data?

Then he told the tale of how he was driving his wifes car in London, and called up to pay the congestion charge. He seemed amazed that when he gave them the registration they knew the car make and colour. How else will they check that the right person has been charged? Has been asleep for the last decade? He is only 69 years old. It was a seriously unimpressive performance. One wonders why he was chosen to represent his party, is there no one better? Unfortunately it adds to the impression that most Lib Dems and most members of the House of Lords are useless.

Does he know that thanks to customer loyalty cards corporations know all us. They can sell this information to other companies who bombard us with advertising, even calling us at home. Does he know that our emails are stored and can be accessed by the authorities. The EU Data Retention Directive demands that details of people's phone calls and emails be stored by companies for up to two years, in case the police or intelligence services require access to them. Police hold DNA evidence on more british citizens than any other country, there are almost four million samples on the database, including more than 100 of children aged under 10. CCTV cameras follow us around in towns and cities all day, we’re being watched by a staggering 4.2million of them, one for every 14 people and a fifth of the cameras in the entire world. Some of this does help solve crimes, but it’s a worrying trend.

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