Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Green Santas

Before Santa Claus was subverted by Coca Cola to the red clad figure we all recognise today he used to look very different. I found these images of a traditional Santa at this website;

Apparently he was clad in Green or Brown as a forest deity. All the more odd that the right wing press did a PC gone mad storey last week when a school decided to have a green coloured santa, 'Parents see red over school's green-suited santa'. School spokesman Sarah James said: "The red-suited Santa was created as a marketing tool by Coca-Cola, it is a symbol of commercialism." Cheryl Williams, 24, said: "What are they going to ban next - snow? Once again the PC brigade have clamped down on everyone's fun." Because a Green Santa couldn't be any fun, fun can only be red?


Wino said...

Typical, no account, idiot, liberal, illegal, terrorist,
raghead bullshit.

Adrian Windisch said...

What a way to speak about Santa!