Friday, 19 October 2007

What’s the point of having three 'Grey' Parties?

I was just looking at Ian Dales blog, he asks ‘What is the Point of the Greens?’ I ask what’s the point of having three 'Grey' Parties? The Lib Dems, Tories and Labour all say much the same thing, all going after the centre ground. In many places, like Reading, the Greens are effectively the only opposition.

There’s lots of talk about the environment, but little action. The big parties will say anything to try and claim they are the ones with the answers, but getting them to actually do anything, especially if it involves leadership, is another matter. All their talk and no action has helped convince many people that there isn’t a problem, or something will have been done about it. This encourages sceptics, who have seen lots of talk, and even some green taxes, but no action. The result is people see the Green message as an excuse for raising stealth tax. This perhaps is the true legacy of New Labour, along with foreign policy disasters.

The sign of genuine interest in people and the environment will be cycle lanes and cheap buses not new roads, diverse shops not chains and supermarkets. And solar devices on roofs and well insulated buildings.

While there are lots of climate sceptics among the general population, there are few in the scientific community. The thing the sceptics ignore is peak oil, in a few years the world will run out, fuel prices will keep climbing, but the main parties keep with business as usual. See for more. We have limited resources on this planet, its time we acted responsibly. Who are the loonies, those who can only see ahead to the next election, or those looking toward future generations?

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