Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Tory Conference

Politics is a funny game, last year David Cameron could seem do no wrong. He did a couple of gestures, and the media thought he was interested in the environment, Those who were campaigning on green issues saw him as withought any proper policy, just image. A year later he can seem to do nothing right, he is beginning to get policies together, but that doesnt seem to be working. Of course they arent particularly green policies, but you dont really expect the Tories to go any greener than the Lib Dems or Labour.

There conference hasn't yet attracted the medias attention. They tried with an announcement on inheritance tax, taking a leaf out of Browns book and nicking one of the policies they should be using. Of course Brown has done his best to wrong foot them, with a big publicity seeking tour or Iraq in the middle on conference. Browns looking like all he does is for political reasons, people are becomming even more suspicious of him. The speculation about an autumn election could just be another game of Browns, to distract us.

Ive looked at some Tory blogs, and they are quite amusing. They talk about left wing bloggers and list the Labour party. I thought Labour were the new Tories, not very left. I suppose it all depends on your perspective, from their point of view maybe everyone not right wing is left wing.

Im looking forward to Camerons big speech, lets see if he can get some momentum back.

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