Thursday, 18 October 2007

Todays news; BBC, Browns Jokes, BNP and Cape Town

On Question time today, Brown tried to make a joke of the latest Lib Dem leadership election. He wanted to say ‘soon every MP will have had a turn at being leader’, but he mangled it completely. He said soon every Lib Dem MP will be an MP. Anyone can make a mistake, but is this how he is mangling our economy, leading us

The BBC are selling off TV centre, one of the most famous places in TV history. The revenge of New Labour, they haven’t been happy with their coverage so now seem to be destroying them. The plan is to save money by showing lots of repeats, and there will be cutbacks in their news service. Now there are some savings that can be made, as the Beeb have been sending several teams to cover one event.

Cape town has just switched on it’s first set of solar powered traffic lights. Apparently a large traffic light installation uses as much energy as a three bedroomed house. Just shows how far behind we are when even South Africa is ahead in renewables.

James Lloyd, BNP councillor for Princes End ward on Sandwell council, has not attended a meeting in six months. He will soon be removed from office. The usual procedure would be to give him seven days to prove that he has in fact attended a meeting. If he cannot, and Searchlight, which monitors BNP attendance and performance, believes that is the case, then he will lose his seat. This leaves the BNP with only two councillors in the borough and 47 in the country, down from 50 immediately after the May elections. Another one bites the dust.

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