Friday, 26 October 2007

Receding glaciers




The Nepal Times has news of places which used to be difficult Ice climbs, now they are bare rock.

At the same time as news of more evidence about climate change come is, well known sceptic Bjorn Lomberg writes about 'an inconvenient peace prize'. He writes to praise the IPCC for there work, but pours scorn on Al Gore, sounding much like a british judge. He doesnt seem do have done much homework this time, see previous posts in this issue. I'm not sure he even watched the film, he isnt representing what it says.

I just googled it and the press around the world have repeated the same story almost word for word. I always had my suspicions about the press, they are inclined to repeat whats handed to them, not check it out for themselves. The Tory bloggers seem very exited that one paper repeated a government press release recently, bit naive.

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