Monday, 17 September 2007

Green Party Conference Liverpool

Ive just come back from the Green Party Conference in Liverpool starting 14 sep 2007. As always its exhausting, so much to take in, long days and never enough sleep.

A few highlights:
*Fri keynote speech from Principle Speaker Sian Berry,
*Fringe on learning from other parties, very intresting ideas including party in a box, a book of how to run parties, how to set them up etc. Suggestion for members website, appeal for people to join conferences comittee, and conference to offer training especially at conference.
* Electoral comission session giving advice on rules, many parties have been fined but not us. The Treasurer needs to report donations and loans quaterly. See
*Research into lapsed members, when they join they are enthusiastic, then it flags, lots of little reasons, people need personal contact, need to be asked to be involved, invited to conferences.

Debate on:
c01 on climate change targets, passed
c05 end of life care, passed
c06 missile bases (oppose), passed
c07 climate change biofuel amendment 123 passed
*Fringe session on street workers, a researcher from Sheffield Hallam University reported on research. Basically they recommended decriminalisation as is green party policy. Two ex sreet wokers from safety first, an organisation of ex sex workers, spoke about decriminalisationam focusing on the safety of the women. They endorsed decriminalisation, and felt there was enough research.
* I avoided the leadership debate, and toured Liverpool, went to an exhibition on Slavery and visited two Cathedrals instead.
* Interesting session on using videos to campaign, I was one of the few who had done some already. They can be seen on this blog.

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