Friday, 28 September 2007

Bushcraft course Gary starts a fire Brian starts a fire 2

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I went on a great course last weekend with Nomad Bushcraft in Wiltshire. I learnt about lighting fires, making useful things from wood with a knife like a trap to catch animals and a way of holding fish over a fire to cook it. We found flint in a river, knapped it, then used the flint to gut and prepare the fish. I had a go with a bow drill, its harder than it looks, but had sucess with a swedish firestarter.

We all slep under tarps, around a fire. It was cold and rained ocasionally, but we were safe and dry. It would be great in warmer times, must do it again. I was amazed how useful a knife was, ive used them for years, but here they stood in for all tools. We had a go at making a spoon using only a wood, a knife and embers from a fire, i'm proud of my efforts. The moto of Nomad is travel light but right, and they showed how it can be done.

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makewealthhistory said...

Sounds great. I've always wanted to go on one of those.