Saturday, 18 August 2007

Martin Salter MP attacks constituents

Martin Salter MP said Poles "have been stealing fish for gain or for the table". He has attacked some of his constituents in the past, and once wanted to attack birds, calling for a cull on Cormorants, birds who eat fish. Recently he has been attacking gypsies, leading the ‘not in my back yard’ brigade, failing to recognise his governments role in cutting back on places they can stay. Perhaps he feels safe with gypsies (and Cormorants) who wouldn’t vote for him anyway.

In the past Labour published a leaflet in Polish (and not English), that aroused the interest of the BNP. Now its Salters turn to star on the BNP website as he complains that those Poles come over here and catch our fish. He claims to fear for our fish stocks, particularly Carp; and complains that our legislation isn’t up to protecting our fish stocks. He doesn’t recognise that his party has been in power for 10 years, and he is parliamentary angling spokesman, who else can be to blame but himself? Perhaps he should really make a difference and resign from the party that has failed to protect fish, as well as failing to protect the environment, increasing the amount of greenhouse gas produced, despite the rhetoric. And as to fishing in the sea, there will be nothing left in 50 years if current trends continue, stocks have collapsed in nearly one third of sea fisheries according to an international team of researchers.

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