Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Last Day of the Peace March,Hiroshima Day

Last Day, Downing Street, Tavistock Square in London. Peace Pagoda in Milton Keynes.

I rejoined for the last day of the peace walk outside Downing Street in London where they were handing letters in to a representative of the Prime Minister. Then off to Trafalgar Square for a break, then on to Tavistock Square. CND have an event to remember Hiroshima every 6th August, and this year they waited for us before they started, it felt a little bit like being a celebrity as hundreds of people applauded our last steps on the walk. The Peace Park was opened by the Mollie Millar the Mayor on Nagasaki Day, 9th August 1984, a tree was planted and also a statue of Gandhi built. The late mayors son was there with a family friend, Rosa Hacker, who is now the oldest member of CND at 101, she made a speech, then one from their youngest member. See www.qub.ac.uk/cawp/UK%20bios/UK_bios_70s.htm biog Mollie Millar and www.thecnj.com/camden/051007/news051007_25.html article by Rose Hacker.

Jeremy Corbyn and Frank Dobson, both Labour MPs both made speeches praising each other, in an attempt to turn the event into a pro Labour rally, which seemed unlikely considering their partys actions in the last few years. They both opposed trident, but Frank Dobson voted very strongly against investigating the Iraq war, and was only moderately against the war. Jeremy Corbyn has a better voting record, but hasn’t resigned from his pro war party, but I believe he did call for the impeachment of Tony Blair. He seems to be in the wrong party.

All the walkers for peace were called up to the front and Marcus and KA made speeches. We spoke our names, and some made comments. I decided not to comment as I wanted to speak about the Labour Party, but didn’t want the event to become even more party political, so kept my silence, but kept wearing my Green Party hat, which spoke for me, especially as I was standing right behind the speakers so hopefully that will be visible in photographs. Bruce Kent spoke very well, Kate Hudson was there also. A group of paper origami cranes was hung up, then we had lunch.

In the afternoon the group split up to get to Milton Keynes Peace Pagoda. It’s a beautiful place, and we were warmly welcomed. An even larger crowd turned up here, with the Mayor and other dignitaries making speeches. The group from Milton Keynes that had walked from Battersea Park were here also. Once again we were all called up to the front, while Marcus, KA, Duncan and Bernie made speeches. Then the little boats were floated out onto the lake with candles lit, a beautiful sight in the darkness.

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