Thursday, 16 August 2007

The 'lack of honour' system

Our honours system has been so corrupted by years of abuse its time for a rethink. Rather than a badge of glory, those with honours seem to carry a whiff of corruption with them, even those in sports and entertainment. At the same time thousands of people work tirelessly with little reward for the benfits of others, for charities, communities and care workers.

Recently 'Agent Provocateur' co-founder Mr Corr said "To accept this MBE as an honour would mean to me that I would have to accept the Prime Minister as someone capable of giving an honour, ie an honourable man, which I cannot find it in my heart to do."
Its a sad comment that we need someone in the pants industry to teach the political establishment ethics.

David Bowie, the Comedy duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders and Honor Blackman are among those who had refused honours. Author JG Ballard, who rejected a CBE, is on record as saying he was opposed to the "preposterous charade" of the honours system.

The recent 'cash for honours' scandal didnt produce any prosecutions, but a draft honours list, drawn up in September 2005, showing that every major lender to the Labour Party considered eligible for a seat in the House of Lords was initially nominated for a peerage by Blair. Some wern't eligible, or already had a peerage, but the writing was on the wall for those who care to read it.,,2107433,00.html

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