Friday, 27 July 2007

Save Katesgrove Garden

I want to visit the garden in Katesgrove the other day that has been in the papers. It used to be a mess covered in needles by drug users, but some squatters cleaned it up. Naturally this bit of civilising was too much for the owners, Reading Borough Council, who have wasted lots of our tax money getting balifs in to remove the garden squatters. Of course if they has another purpose in mind for this lovely green space the squaters would probably leave quietly, but why leave after taking so much trouble with it only to see it being left derelict again. The council oficer didnt seem happy with the anarchistic nature of the group, he wanted to deal with an individual, and hoped to offer another garden for them to work on instead. I think they were a bit suspicious about this, and were enjoying making a lovely place near the city centre available to locals to use during the day.

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