Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Reading is next for flooding

After severe floding in Glouscester, Worcester and Oxfordshire, the surge is heading for Reading. Most at risk are the flood planes, Purley has already had trouble. Now Caversham is at risk. Last night there was some talk on climate change, but most people seem to be denying this is part of it, but it may be a foretaste of whats to come. Expect very wet winters and hotter summers according to George Monbiot.

My MP Martin Salter asked a question in the house about flooding, Hilary Benn answered showing he knows how much of a problem paving over the country has caused, but he doesnt offer any understanding to solve the problem. 'In part, the problem is a consequence of the fact that more land has been tarmacked over and paved over, so there is nowhere for the water to go when there is flash flooding. That is a lesson that all those with responsibility for surface drainage have to take on board.' www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2007-07-23a.563.0&s=speaker%3A10526#g573.3

So what hope is there, just like CO2 reductions Labour give the impression that its all under controll, while things get worse.

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