Monday, 30 July 2007

Footprints For Peace

I spent a lovely day with a group of people doing a walk for peace, see . They organise and carry out long distance walks between significant landmarks, to raise awareness and generate support. Their current walk is Dublin to London via Faslane, Sellafield and AWE. I joined them outside Aldermaston, where the police were as friendly as I’ve seen them, one even took the group picture here. In some lovely hot weather we walked to Burghfield and then on to Reading. We walked along the cycle lane next to the A33 and had lots of people in cars tooting their horns and waving in support. We were met at the Civic Centre by an ex-mayor, David Geary, and Peter Burt from the Reading Peace Campaign. I found the dedication of the walkers inspiring and hope to join tham again as they head towards London.

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