Sunday, 6 May 2007

Election Results May 2007

What an amazing campaign, we had loads of supporters delivering leaflets and knocking on doors. On election day we had people on both Park Ward polling stations, and others knocking on doors to remind our supporters to vote. Thanks to everyone who helped.

And all this effort had a result, our vote in Park went up by 42% from 474 to 671, getting up 26% of the vote. In Battle my vote went up from 241 to 253, last time I was joint 3rd, this time 3rd. There were less people voting this time, so any increase is good.

If the Council were to be decided on this election based on PR, we would have 18 Tory, 15 Labour, 9 Lib Dem, 4 Green Cllrs! Instead we have 25 Labour, 14 Tory, 7 Lib Dem and no Greens.

I expect Labour will be blaming us for some of their defeats, as many ex Labour voters turn to us as they have been so disappointed by the last few years. I saw a few of the Labour leaflets, they do a lot of negative campaigning, rather that saying what they want to do they attack the other parties. I think the voters have spoken, if anyone is responsible for getting a few more Tory Cllrs, its them, democracy means having to listen to voters.

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