Monday, 2 April 2007

Corporate Rubbish

I joined some people concerned about the environment to clean up an area by the Tesco in Newtown, Reading. There is a row of recycling bins next to some trees, but no decent fence to stop the rubbish blowing all over the woodland. Every year people volunteer for a rescue event like this one. But wouldn’t it make sense to keep the rubbish in the car park, it would certainly make keeping the woodland area clean much easier. Tesco have a history of being a bad neighbour, they seem to have little interest in behaving responsibly, unless there is a profit to be made they don't seem to be interested. This store in central Reading is next to the river Thames, and the Kennet and Avon Canal. Earlier this year we picked some shopping trolleys out of the river, and returned them to the store. They didn't seem very happy when they saw it dripping mud on their nice clean carpet. Those who use the river must feel the same when they see these things polluting the environment. Many other supermarkets make you pay a £1 deposit to use a trolley, but not Tesco. The trolleys incidentally cost hundreds of pounds, so they can't be happy with them being taken away.

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