Sunday, 25 February 2007

Green Spain

Ive been visiting Sunseed Desert Technology for the last couple of weeks, i'm a trustee and visit every year. I have been travelling their overland for the last 7 years, once by coach, twice by train to Barcelona and then coach to Almeria, twice by motorbike and ive driven by vegoil powered car a couple of times. One day I would like to cycle and when i've lots of time, to walk it. Its a great project to visit, people from all over the world wanting to experience a green lifestyle, looking at ideas for reducing our carbon footprint. They've been composting vegetable waste and human waste for about 20 years, see to find out more.

In Britain we get the impression that we are world leaders at many things, but when you travel around Europe you soon realise how behind we are. The mountains of Spain have hundreds of wind turbines, they look wonderfull. Many houses have solar devices on their roofs, in the remote areas withought mains power there isnt much choice (except a diesel generator) but its still great to see it.

Bins in public areas are segregated into paper, compostable or plastic waste. If they can do this, why are we so far behind.

I saw a 3D film at the omnimax cinema in Barcelona, S. O. S. Planet. The cinema was full of children around 10 years old, and when the animals were in trouble there was lots of booing and cheering. On the screen an older boy threw a bottle out of the car window, big boo for him. Those children really seem to have got the message.

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