Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Are angry car drivers sending the letter bombs?

On todays news I saw ‘Captain Gatso’ interviewed about the recent letter bombs. They have been sent to a variety of different organisations including the vehicle registration office in Swansea. The ‘Captain’ said car drivers were under siege and he encourages people to damage the Gatso cameras. Yes the cameras are annoying but they do save lives.

Why do car drivers claim to be so hard done bye? Its cheaper to drive now than years ago, while public transport gets more expensive. If this keeps going there will be so many cars that traffic wont move at all. No wonder the authorities are looking for ways to reduce car journeys, eg congestion charging or the proposed ‘Pay as you go' road tax. Many are suspicious that this is just another stealth tax, as with other ‘green taxes’ like the new charge on flights. It would be better to ring fence this money for investing in a greener future, perhaps spend it on cycle paths or sustainable energy on motorway lights and signage.

A better transport policy would be to not spend any more money on roads, instead make public transport cheaper and build some cycle paths. See to learn more.

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