Friday, 12 January 2007

Recycling; what to do with plastic bags

A green campaigner sent me some information about recycling plastics, so for your
information see below. I would encourage reducing before talking about recycling,
but there still is a need to improve recycling. You can reuse plastic bags, by a
bag for life, or cloth bags.
‘Most, if not all, local authority recycling is limited to harder plastics (plastic
bottles etc) and will reject (and potentially prosecute) misplaced softer plastics.
Supermarkets are now recycling plastic bags - great, but we should not need them.
However, it led me to think that perhaps they could recycle soft packaging plastics
etc (often found in supermarket packaging), so I contacted Sainsburys (I have not
tried any others, as they are my closest) and asked them whether they would recycle
their, and other, soft plastics.

Wonderful surprise! They replied stating that they have a commitment to recycling
and they send their soft plastics (carrier bags) formanufacture of low grade harder
plastics (drainage pipes etc). They will also welcome other types of POLYTHENE
products for recycling as well.

So start collecting soft plastic wrapping (polythene only) and put it into
the recycling bins in Sainsburys. You do not need to shop there and I am not linked
to them. Please contact other supermarkets and ask them if they will accept the same

If someone knows how to circulate this information more widely then I would be
overjoyed. Thanks for reading and give it a try. We should try not to be lemmings,
heading one way over a cliff to self-destruction.’

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