Wednesday, 31 January 2007

prison or nutrition

Out Prison population recently hit the headlines, we have one of the hightest rates in Europe. The government are more interested in headline grabbing than dealing with a growing problem. I think its more important to turn prisons into places to get convicts out of their bad habits. Punishment isn’t enough of a deterrent, there are plenty of criminals in countries with capital punishment.

Better to look at how to rehabilitate prisoners. The ecologist recently had an article about prison nutrition "why are governments ignoring the link between poor nutrition and crime?" .Over 1,000 juvenile delinquents showed a 44 per cent drop in antisocial behaviour when put on a low sugar diet. So the government is ignoring what we are feeding our children, and yet is happy to spend £2,500 on administering each ASBO? A study found that children who suffered certain nutritional deficiencies early in life demonstrated a 41 percent increase in aggressive behaviour over well fed children.

Someone on TV recently was only eating Piza and crisps, that might be extreme but most people eat far too much rubbish. Many people eat food with ought much nutritional value but full of chemicals we know little about and high in sugar and processed fat. The evidence in that ecologist article shows what can be done; society ignores this at its peril.  

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