Friday, 12 January 2007

Can Gerry Robinson save the NHS?

I saw the programme 'Can Gerry Robinson save the NHS?' the other day, very interesting viewing. He identified some reasons why its so ineffiecient. Consultants wont be told what to do by managers, whom they regard as underqualified (We have 5 or 6 degrees, they have 3 O levels). Consultants have contracts for 25 years so outlast managers.

GR saw how under used the operating theatres were, everyone waits for a patient to recover, then waits some more for the next to be anethetised. It wasn't rocket science but they did eventually try out having a roving anethatist who could prepare patients ready for the operation.

Also no consultant wanted to work friday afternoon, nice work if you can get it. When GR discussed this with the Chief Executives, he was told that if they did to many operations the Priomary Care Trust would run out of money to pay for this and they would have to make cuts elsewhere. What a wonderful system, you couldnt make it up.

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