Thursday, 8 November 2007

New Cycle Route from Kings Meadow to Newtown

Theres a possible new cycle path route that could save some very dangerous manoeuvring round the IDR, for very little money. There are two tunnels under the railway near the Kings Meadow pool, that would help people travelling between East Reading and Caversham.
Near the new flats near Tesco
The path continues past hobbycraft,
and out onto Kenavon Drive not far from the McD near Reading Prison.
An alternative would be to come out earlier on Kenavon drive and along Kennet Walk, leading to Cumberland Rd in Newtown .

This is the skew tunnel that also passes under the railway about 100 yards from the other tunnel. It runs from the car park near the Kings Meadow Pool to behind the Forbury Retail Park. **(Couldnt find a pic of this)**

Either of these routes would be an important addition to the cycle paths in Reading. I don't know why it hasn't happened yet, but its time for some action on this now.

Appologies for the pics disapearing, they were lost on a laptop when it died. I will try and get them from its memory.
I found them. Its very odd to see these LD comments, I presented a great possible new route, they dismissed it because one o the alternate routes is to be used for something else. Then somone points out that theres the other route, which is exactly what is in the original post! Thats party politics for you.
I had a conversation with someone from Network Rail about this tunnel, he was under the impression it wasn't used as it had bats. This needs checking.
Updated Map
reading cycle route


  1. Er, the skew rail underbridge is to be used by trains again as part of the station upgrade! So not the best place to put a cycle track.

  2. Er Gareth, do you have an opinion on cycle paths, or do you just like to dismiss other peoples constructive suggestions.

    It would be great to see the plans without having to do a freedom of information request. I went to the council meeting when the station upgrade was discussed but the plans they were removed during the meeting.

    Cllrs have lots of access to information like this, it would be great to see them doing something useful with it.

  3. Gareth is correct in saying that the station redevelopment plan envisages returning the skew underbridge to rail usage. In any case that underbridge only gets you under the line to Paddington and brings you out immediately alongside the line from platforms 4a/b to Wokingham, leaving the problem of how to cross that line.

    However there is another tunnel, which used to carry the rail access into the old Huntley & Palmers factory, and which (IIRC) passes under both lines. This may be the other tunnel Adrian refers to, but the photolinks don't work for me so i cannot be certain. I think this could well be used as suggested.

  4. Without the photographs, it's very difficult to comment on this one, which is a shame as it's Rob's daily commute to work...