Tuesday, 1 June 2010

UN Condemns Israel's Deadly Flotilla Raid

Israel is at the centre of growing global outrage after its commando raid on the aid flotilla, which left nine dead, most of whom were Turkish. That link has a film clip worth seeing.

A total of 28 Britons were on board the flotilla, according to Israeli authorities. The Foreign Office has confirmed that one Briton was injured and had received medical treatment. Many have called for an enquiry.

But before we cast too many stones, remember:
Jean Charles de Menezes shot on the tube by the British police. The Police leaders have since been rewarded.

Death On The Rock. Three unarmed people were shot and killed by the SAS in Gibralter in 1988. Carmen Proetta, an independent witness said ‘They [security forces] didn’t do anything ... they just went and shot these people. That’s all. They didn’t say anything, they didn’t scream, they didn’t shout, they didn’t do anything. These people were turning their heads back to see what was happening and when they saw these men had guns in their hands they put their hands up. It looked like the man was protecting the girl because he stood in front of her, but there was no chance. I mean they went to the floor immediately, they dropped.’

In 1985 the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior was attacked and sunk by French Secret Services. One person died.

The number of innocents killed in Iraq is estimated at 100,000 people.

In Afghanistan thousands of innocent people have died.

In 1983 Korean airliner shot down by the USSR, all 269 passengers and crew aboard were killed. The plane had strayed into into prohibited Soviet airspace because of a navigational error.

There are many more such international incidents, all are outrageous. None of them should have happened. Those responsible should have been prosecuted.

In Israel tensions remain high, with the Israeli authorities reporting that Gaza militants have crossed the border into Israel and exchanged fire with troops, killing two militants. Meanwhile organisers of the flotilla say they are sending two more ships to the area within the next few days.

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