Tuesday, 24 November 2009

CLIMATE EMERGENCY RALLY, Saturday 5th December - For Copehagen

Every day we hear politicians talking about the forthcoming climate conference at Copehagen and saying we won't get the deal we need. They need to hear from us, the people, that we want a fair international deal and action from the UK government.

The Global Humanitarium Forum says that:
climate change is already killing 300,000 people a year.
Climate injustice means that the poorest most vulnerable people on earth suffer the worst effects of climate change. For example, The UN Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that, within ten years from now, harvests across Africa could be 50 per cent less because of droughts, and an additional 160 million Africans will lack access to water. Even in the US, Hurricane Katrina showed that the poorest people suffer the most from environmental disasters.

To me, injustice of this is staggering. That is why I think this year’s Climate Emergency Rally is more important than ever. Please read below, please forward this and invite everyone you can (you can bring partners, friends and children), and please come along.

Climate Emergency Rally
Start: 05 Dec 2009, 12:00 am Where: Speakers Corner, Hyde Park
CLIMATE EMERGENCY RALLY, Saturday 5th December
Take a radical climate message to the Climate Demonstration on 5th December
Saturday 5th December will see the biggest UK demonstration on climate so far with greater commitment than ever before from a wide range of NGOs, brought together by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

The Main Event
The 'Wave' will leave Grosvenor Square at about 1.00 pm to surround parliament for the ‘wave’ event at about 3.00 pm. The Climate Emergency Rally (see further here) will precede “The Wave” and rally-goers will feed into it as it leaves Grosvenor Square.

The Climate Emergency Rally is being held to allow demonstrators to put concrete demands for emergency action on climate to the UK government. We want to make sure there is no chance that the Government will ‘spin’ the climate demo as simply in support of their position at the Copenhagen Talks – whilst we want to demand a fair and effective international agreement we also want to demand much more action on climate from the UK government, here at home.
We believe that in any case there is no chance of an effective agreement until the North wins the trust of the South and it will only do that if Northern countries like the UK match words with action and take radical emission-reducing measures at home.

The Climate Emergency Rally is scheduled for 12 noon at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park
They Demand:
Declaration of a Climate Emergency
10% cuts by end 2010
A million green jobs by end 2010
Ban domestic flights
55 mph speed limit – scrap the roads program
End Agrofuel use

Most of these demands (and more) are in Early Day Motion 2057 signed by 45 MPs as of 12th November . See more here. There is a growing movement for emergency climate action in the UK. Lets make sure it continues to build! Join us at the Climate Emergency Rally !
For the “Million Green Job” demand see the new pamphlet from the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group.
Cyclists will want to join the CLIMATE EMERGENCY BIKE RIDE assembling at 10.00 am at Lincoln’s Inn Fields. It will finish at the Climate Emergency Rally, around 12.00 noon. See here.
For more on The Climate Emergency Rally see here.

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